ANCESTRAL HEALING WITH TAROT    Saturday 10th November – 10am – 4pm           

Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Come and connect with the people from whom you are descended – whether they are genetic or familial ancestors, those who walked the same land, or who shared the same social identity and were part of the same social community as you.  Through tarot and guided visualizations we will map our ancestral lines, ‘speak’ to our ancestors toreceive their guidance, and reveal some of the ancestral memories and patterns we carry that may be influencing our lives. We’ll learn about The Hierophant and his role as ‘Keeper of Ancestral Knowledge’. We’ll set up an ancestral altar to honor those who came before us, and end with a healing ritual of gratitude, forgiveness and moving forwards in our lives. Some tarot experience is recommended for this workshop, so that you can work through the exercises independently and make the most of the day. You’ll need your own tarot cards. Parts of this workshop may be emotionally triggering and I’m not a therapist, so it may not be for you if you are working through trauma – contact me if you want to discuss.

Cost: £45

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An intensive introduction to tarot for complete beginners, and for those who have tried to teach themselves but are still confused! We’ll learn the traditional meanings of the major and minor arcana, but the emphasis will be on reading tarot intuitively and developing your own interpretations of the cards. We will use visualizations, individual and group exercises, and tarot reading practice to build your understanding. By the end of the day you’ll have a good, basic grasp of the structure and symbolism of tarot and will be able to do simple readings for yourself and others. You will need to bring your own tarot cards (The Rider Waite deck is recommended).



Numerology pre-dates tarot as a way of understanding ourselves and life around us. Numbers can be seen as the foundation or blueprint of all life. Using numerology in our tarot readings takes them to another level.  In this workshop, we will learn about numbers and their associations; interpret our tarot readings from a numerological perspective; and draw up our personal ‘chart’ using tarot cards and numerology. The workshop will give you a richer experience of tarot, introduce you to Pythagorean numerology – a fascinating spiritual system, leave you with a fuller understanding of yourself, and help with decision-making. Some previous tarot experience is preferred for this workshop (contact me if you’re not sure).



 As seen in Tried & Tested feature in Spirit & Destiny Magazine!

Do you have a big goal / life vision you want to bring into being? Want to speed up the manifestation process? Tarot links you to your soul in order to discover your own truth and purpose. Working with tarot also sparks your intuition and creativity – your own magic – and helps you to actualize your dreams. This intensive and transformative workshop is for those who are absolutely determined to reach their potential and who would like the assistance of tarot and the universe to do so. We will explore the laws of attraction and how magic works. We will then use the rich symbolism of the tarot to help us visualize our ideal life, make ourselves energetically magnetic, and identify the actions we need to take to propel us towards our dreams. The workshop will include vision board making and a group ritual / spell to energise our intent. Previous experience of tarot is desirable, but not necessary. You will need to bring your own tarot pack. Are you ready to let the magic begin?



Are you searching for the truth of who you are? Wondering what your purpose is in this lifetime? Tarot can help! In this workshop, you will enter the energy of The Hermit, a peaceful state where you can take some time out to look within.  You will use guided meditation and a range of innovative tarot exercises to gain deeper insight into your soul’s nature, your purpose and path.  You will also access spiritual guidance from your higher self. You will leave with a greater understanding of your true self, and more clarity on your next steps in your life or work. You will work mostly alone, though there will be chances for discussion and sharing. Tarot experience isn’t necessary, but you’ll need to bring your own tarot deck. Refreshments provided.

(Note: If you’ve had a Soul Reading with me, this workshop will complement the reading. If you’d like a Soul Reading, you claim a discount when you book for this workshop -contact me for details. A Soul Reading is not necessary to attend.)



Want to deepen your connection with tarot and with your self? In this workshop, we will engage in creative and practical exercises to develop your personal relationship with the cards and to reveal more of your inner truth. You will practice reading the cards intuitively; explore the spiritual significance of the Celtic Cross and learn how to give a deep reading using this spread; make a vision board to explore your personal cards; examine your spiritual direction; and undertake a group tarot ritual. This relaxed and friendly workshop is for Improvers and is suitable for you if you have taken an Beginners course and/or already have a basic understanding of the cards) – connect me if you’re not sure.



This is for those who want to grow spiritually, raise their vibration and make an inner connection to their soul, Divine Self, and guides. The course is based on Sanaya’s Roman’s book Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, but you do not need the book to attend. We will begin each session with a guided meditation and short reading from the book, and then we will do some writing, spiritual/psychic development exercises and sharing of experiences. The sessions will mostly follow the structure of the book and will include: Opening Upward – Connecting with your Higher Self, with the light and with the Universal Mind; Opening Inward – Opening your Heart, calming your emotions, choosing your reality; and Expanding Outward – Becoming a source of light for others and the world, communicating from your Higher Self. Suitable for beginners and for those with more experience of spiritual/psychic development work. Note: This course can be quite personally challenging, as we connect with feelings of self-worth and self-love. If you have been through a recent traumatic experience and/or are feeling emotionally or mentally fragile, this may not be the right time to take the course. Contact me if you want to discuss suitability.



Do you have big dreams for 2018, or do you just want to make a new start? This workshop will help you to clear the old year and set your intentions for the coming 12 months. You’ll be guided by the fresh energy of The Fool and the advice of the other Major Arcana cards as you envision your path ahead. The workshop will include guided visualisations, journal writing, making a vision-board and intuitive readings for yourself and others. You’ll also have quiet time to reflect on your own life and goals, and help you step into 2018 with new intent and excitement.


CANCELLATION POLICY: I require 48 hours notice (2 days) if you need to cancel your place. On these terms, a refund will be given minus £5 for administration costs. Or, you can transfer to another Brighton Tarot School event or put the money you have paid towards a reading if you cancel with 48 hours notice. There will be no refunds or transfers for cancellations that occur less than 48 hours before the start of the workshop or course. This would not give me enough time to find someone else to fill your place. The courses run via Evolution Arts are excluded from this refund policy as Evolution Arts operates its own policy.

Accessibility: All events taking place at Evolution Arts are unfortunately not suitable for people with mobility difficulties as this venue has several flights of stairs up to the room we’re using. The Subud Centre room is on the ground floor as are the toilets, but there is currently no ramp into the building – please check with me if you want to know more.  Events at the Cornerstone Community Centre are accessible (ramp, lift and toilet).