Unleash Your Soul

freedom butterfliesAre you ready to stop ‘playing small’ … and step into the life you’re meant to live, fulfilling your purpose,  and sharing your gifts with the world?

Not happy with the life you’re living and/or the work you’re doing, but not sure what you’re meant to be doing instead? Or, do you have an idea of what you want to do, and the gifts you have to share, but feeling fearful about taking action and making changes? Need some help to break free and to finally step onto your true path?

The Unleash Your Soul Spiritual Life Coaching Programme has been designed for you

This is a structured, step-by-step 90 day life coaching course for spiritually-minded people who want to discover and fulfill their divine soul purpose. It’s for people, like you, who are fed up of procrastinating and hoping that ‘one day’ things will be different. It’s for you if you are finally able to admit that only YOU can change your life, and your time is NOW.

You may be nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone, even when the life ahead of you is better than the one you have dreamed of. But you don’t have to do this alone – I will help you.

I am passionate about helping people to find their purpose and bring their gifts to the world. Because we are at a crucial time in the earth’s evolution and the world needs you to stop playing small! The world needs authentic, spiritually-minded leaders and lightworkers, to help other people to ‘wake up’ and to counteract the destruction humans have caused to the planet.

The Unleash Your Soul programme includes:

  • A Soul Reading to show you who you really are at soul level and what you are here to do. This is a once-in-a-lifetime psychic reading in which I access your Akashic Record, an energetic blueprint of your soul’s journey, to discover the unique energy of your soul, your lessons for this lifetime, and any past life situations that you are still carrying with you, which are blocking the true expression of who you are. I will then undertake Akashic Record clearing and healing to remove any blocks and to provide a clearer canvas on which you can create the rest of your life. (Click here for more information on this reading).

  • A Manifestation Map Reading – As a bonus, for participants on the Unleash Your Soul programme, your soul reading will include information on how your soul is designed to manifest things into your life – giving you a ‘map’ for what you need to do and the kinds of actions you need to take to achieve success.

  • 6  x One-to-One Sessions providing personalised support and guidance as you revise your vision for yourself and your life, and step forwards into this dream. The sessions are scheduled fortnightly, with homework for you to complete in between. I will help you to clarify your goals, decide what you need to do and how to do it, and hold you accountable to taking action.

  • Worksheets with step-by-step exercises for you to complete during each week of the programme, before and after we speak on the phone. These will include writing prompts to encourage you to go deeper into your experiences and to clarify what you want, and practical exercises for you to do ‘out in the world in order to move you forwards.

  • Email check-ins for accountability, guidance and support. I will encourage you to keep in touch between sessions, to report on the actions you have taken and to let me know about any successes or issues that have arisen. 

The programme is suitable for you if you are self-motivated and willing to take action. I will gently encourage and push you to step beyond the fears that are holding you back and to take full responsibility for your life. I give 100% of my attention, energy and effort to you while I’m coaching you, and in return I expect you to do the work necessary to move you forwards – with no excuses!

At the end of our work together, you should have a much clearer sense of who you are and a plan for where your life is heading, and more enthusiasm and motivation. You will have started to make significant changes in your life. Some of my clients have made big shifts during this time – including finding new work, starting a business, and changing their daily routines. They are also generally more focused, relaxed, and happier – feeling in control of their lives, rather than just watching their life pass them by.

Ready to step forwards?

The Unleash Your Soul spiritual life Coaching programme can be delivered face to face in Brighton & Hove, or by telephone or Skype.

I will only take on 5 clients maximum at any one time.

To find out more and discuss whether you are a match for the programme, schedule a free Catalyst Session with me where we’ll uncover:

  • Your vision for your life

  • What’s currently holding you back

  • How the programme can help you make the changes you seek in your life

Just contact me by clicking here and we’ll arrange a time to talk.

As this programme is delivered on a one-to-one basis, I can only work with a limited number of clients at any one time. Don’t wait any longer to give yourself the chance of happiness and success, get in touch with me today!

Testimonial from Sue:

‘At start of the programme, I was depressed, in a terrible rut, a dark place, lacking motivation – all of which I kept to myself instead of seeking help. I sometimes felt ‘is this it’, is this what the rest of my life is going to be like all doom and gloom? At the same time I knew deep in my heart that it didn’t have to be like this.  I just didn’t have the energy to make any changes.

I then met Maria and after talking to her about various issues in my life, I knew straight away that she was the person who would support me and help me have the confidence to get my life back on track.  The Unleash Your Soul course was very helpful. I found the report regarding my previous life/lives, including the guidance from my spirit guides, intriguing and I was fascinated at how it all seemed to relate to my present life time. 

With Maria’s expertise in her work and gentle encouragement I am now in a stronger, happier place, feeling much more positive about the future. I know now that life does have much to offer, you just have to get yourself out there and look.’ – Sue