Soul Readings

Wondering about your soul purpose?

Need to rediscover sense of direction in your life or work? 

Want to understand and clear the blocks that hold you back, and allow more flow into your life?

I am an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and can tune into your Akashic Record – your soul’s unique energy record – to give you  information about your divine gifts, strengths and weaknesses.

I can also give you a glimpse into one or more of your past lives to highlight any energetic patterns you have been carrying that are continuing to block your self-expression and success in this lifetime.

Understanding your soul’s true nature can give you the confidence and inspiration to make the changes you’ve dreamed of, to follow your true path, and create a more purposeful life.

Once you take steps to align with your soul’s unique energy – including making adjustments in the work that you do – you can access more vital force energy and your life is able to flow more easily and abundantly.

  ‘ This is my first step to real life, so thank you very much’!

   ‘It’s like I’ve come home to myself.’

As part of your reading I also conduct an energy healing, to clear any blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from following your true path.

The reading is then delivered to you on the telephone or Zoom (or in Brighton or Lewes if you are local) for approximately 45-60 mins . As well as relaying the information on your soul, I also coach you to identify the action steps for the changes you want to make in your life.

After your reading, you will be sent ‘homework‘. This includes the main points and actions we’ve discussed and a healing ritual you can follow for 21 days to energetically realign yourself and inspire your new start. You also have email access to me for one month following your reading, so that you can ask any follow-up questions and gain support to make changes.

psychic under the spotlightThis is a once-in-a-lifetime reading , and the effects can be life-changing. A couple of years ago I did soul readings for two Fate & Fortune Magazine readers. Click to read the article: Psychic Under the Spotlight

“I am feeling a whole lot more grounded, on solid ground…as I now believe in what I am doing…the reading validated a lot of stuff for me, and I am now excited about where I am going and what I need to be doing.”

I am currently offering Soul Readings for  just £99  (usually £149). 

How to Book: contact me to arrange your Soul Reading. I will ask you for some information before I begin to enable me to access your akashic record.


Feedback from previous clients:

“I discovered my deep connection with the world around me. Started pay more attention to myself and I forgave myself for my mistakes.”

“I was so surprised to see it has almost been two years since I spoke to you. Since then I have quit a job I had become very unhappy in. I am working towards a better relationship with my husband, I am working on writing a novel, and I also have become a professional tarot card reader and medium.”

“I was fascinated by what you had to tell me – it was all a bit overwhelming.  I spent the evening feeling excited and scared but also delighted to have some clarity at last.  I feel relief that I don’t have to fight my doubts any more, I can simply commit to the actions we discussed and take it from there… So today I’ve done some journal writing and I feel peaceful.  It’s like I’ve come home to myself.”

“Thank you so much for the reading. It very much reinforced a lot of what’s been going on and how I’ve been feeling all my life. Some of it emotional but made a lot of sense.”

‘After the reading I gave myself some time to reflect and realised how much calmer I had become. Things that did not make sense to me before about my life now seem so much clearer…. This is my first step to real life, so thank you very much’

‘Thank you so much… I think everyone should have this reading!’

“I often go back to the report and read it. I use it as a reference point sometimes when I am making decisions or reviewing where I have got to.”

‘I am so grateful for the amazing reading you have compiled for me. The report is a fascinating and exciting read. I am anxious to implement my true reason for being here this time round. Will keep you posted!’

‘Thanks for my reading and my homework. I really enjoyed it!’

‘The reading was very accurate. It has given me a lot to think about and to work on. The insights about my patterns in relationships were particularly useful.’

‘Thank you so much for my reading! I really enjoyed speaking with you & found it fascinating how you picked on [particular issue] about me because only my family know about it.’

Disclaimer – please read this: This disclaimer is given for legal reasons. I am required by law to inform you that psychic readings are for entertainment only. Readings are not a substitute for advice from a legal, medical, or financial professional. You are responsible for all of the choices you make relating to the reading and to your situation. Readings given by Maria Antoniou are undertaken with the client’s best interests at heart. Readings are for guidance only and aim to help give you clarity on the current situation and the possibilities around you. Absolute ‘predictions’ will not be made and I cannot give any guarantee of accuracy for information provided. You retain your own free will and are responsible for your choices and your actions. You must be 18 years or older to use this services and Maria Antoniou takes no responsibility for any fraud caused by anyone pretending to be 18 years or older. In no event will Maria Antoniou be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this service.