Tarot Readings

Need help to see what’s going on in your life and to figure out the next steps?

A tarot reading is like a mirror, reflecting what is going on in your life. I help you to see your present situation more clearly and to identify options, so that you can make effective choices and changes.
The emphasis is on your own personal power and responsibility.  I believe that YOU know what’s right for you.
I use my in-depth knowledge of tarot, and my listening and coaching skills, to help you discover what to do next.
This is not the kind of tarot reading in which you just sit back and listen, waiting for me to look into the future and give you all the answers. I encourage you to ask a specific question and get involved in discussing your situation and, if we are face to face, in interpreting the cards.

Options for readings

Telephone / Webcall
I currently offer tarot readings by telephone and web call at flexible times of the day and evening. I am an experienced phone reader and can quickly tune in to you and your question to offer guidance. 
A telephone / web call reading costs £35 and the reading lasts for up to an hour. You can call me from  your landline or mobile, or a web-based service such as What’sApp, Facebook or Zoom. 
Click here to pay for a telephone reading. I will email you back on the address I receive from Paypal to arrange a time for your reading. 
Email or Messanger
If you would like a reading, but are short of time or just prefer not to talk on the phone, I also offer readings by email or Facebook Messenger
I use an extended Celtic Cross spread using 12 cards. The reading includes insight into the present situation, the obstacles/blocks you’re facing, the reasons behind your situation, the highest potential of the situation, what’s happening around you, where things are heading according to the current energies, and what you can do to move forwards. You are welcome to send one follow up question to ask for further clarification after you have received and digested the reading.
An email or Messenger reading costs £20 I can usually send out readings within 48 hours of receiving payment.  However, if you would like to know how long you can expect to wait, please do contact me to ask before you pay. 
Click here to pay for an email reading. Please type your question into the message box, as it enables me to provide a more focused reading for you and to be of more help.
I will send your reading to the address I receive from Paypal within 48 hours. On the rare occasion that I’m not able to send your reading within 48 hours, I will email you ASAP to let you know and you may request a refund if you need your reading more quickly.

Feedback from telephone and email reading clients:

‘That was a very accurate reading. And I wasn’t even in the room with you!’

‘Spot on, thank you.’

‘Amazing reading, thank you so much.’


Feedback from face to face tarot clients:

‘Thank you so much for the reading yesterday! You have no idea how much you have helped me! I am sure I will book another reading with you when I am down the path a little further.’

‘The reading was so helpful. It’s given me lots of food for thought.’

‘I liked the way you let me read my own cards, before adding your own interpretations. The reading left me feeling more self aware and gave me insight into my work situation. There were a couple of ‘wow’ moments, where I realized things I hadn’t thought about before and became clear about what I had to do.’

‘I gained so much insight during the reading and left buzzing with ideas about how to take things forward in my business. It’s definitely worth the money!’

‘I have always found your readings helpful and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a wise and grounded reading.’

‘When I have a tarot reading with you, I feel like my soul has opened up! I look at my life in a bigger way.’

‘It really helped to have someone objective to talk to, who listened. The tarot reading helped me to think more clearly about my situation.’


Disclaimer – please read this: This disclaimer is given for legal reasons. I am required by law to inform you that tarot readings are not a substitute for advice from a legal, medical, or financial professional. You are responsible for all of the choices you make relating to the tarot reading and to your situation. Readings given by Maria Antoniou are undertaken with the client’s best interests at heart. Readings are for guidance only and aim to help give you clarity on the current situation and the possibilities around you. Absolute ‘predictions’ will not be made and I cannot give any guarantee of accuracy for information provided. You retain your own free will and are responsible for your choices and your actions. You must be 18 years or older to use this services and Maria Antoniou takes no responsibility for any fraud caused by anyone pretending to be 18 years or older. In no event will Maria Antoniou be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this service.