Phone and Email Readings

Want a reading, but can’t get to Brighton? Or simply prefer a phone or email reading?

Brighton Tarot School offers in-depth readings by telephone, Skype and email to provide clarity and inspiration on your current situation and life path.

Telephone / Skype readings

If you would like a tarot reading by telephone or Skype, you have two options:

1) A 45 minute reading based on your specific question or concern – I will lay the cards for you and interpret them, using my intuition and life coaching skills to help you to get clearer about your situation and decide what you need to do next. This reading is suitable for you if you are confused about a specific area of your life and want some insight into what’s happening, so that you can move forwards.

Cost: £28 for 45 mins (Plus approximately £2 charge for the conference call service I use for phone readings)

Click here to buy and then email me to arrange a time for your reading


2) Suitable if you have your own tarot deck and do readings for yourself, but would like some input from a professional reader. I will guide you to lay out your own cards. I will then lay out the same spread and then work with you to interpret the reading. This reading is especially good for those who are learning tarot and need to develop their confidence in reading for themselves and others.

Cost: £35 for one hour.

Click here to purchase and then email me to arrange a time for your reading.


Email Readings

These are personalised readings that I performs myself by tuning in to your energy and laying out the cards. Unlike many readings available by email, they are not computer generated!

Clarity and Insight reading

Provides an in-depth view of your situation, using 10-12 cards. Reading includes insight into where you are now, the obstacles/blocks you’re facing, the reasons behind your situation, the highest potential of the situation, what’s happening around you, where things are heading according to the current energies, and what you need to do to move forwards. This reading is designed to help you understand where you are now and what you need to do to get to your desired outcome. You have the opportunity to send one follow up email to ask for further clarification after you have received and digested the reading.

£35 / $59 (USD)

Click here to purchase, then email me with your question.

Please note, as this is a personalised service you will not receive your reading instantly. If you would like to know how long you can expect to wait, before you pay, please do contact me to ask.


Feedback on telephone and email readings:

‘That was a very accurate reading. And I wasn’t even in the room with you!’

‘Spot on, thank you.’