One to One Lessons

Intensive Tarot Lessons via Skype, Phone or Face to Face

Want to learn tarot, but unable to get to a course? Prefer to study one-to-one?

You’re in the right place!

I teach tarot to individuals using the same material and process as for the courses I run.

Studying tarot one-to-one is more effective than trying to teach yourself from books as you can ask questions, get feedback on your readings, and get personalised help.

Learn quickly – Understand the card meanings and read tarot after just 5 hours. One-to-one courses comprise one intensive day of teaching (usually 11am – 4pm), with a workbook, homework and feedback by email.

The day will cover: The History & Uses of Tarot, The Minor Arcana, The Major Arcana, The Court Cards, Numerology, The 4 Elements, Tarot & the Chakras, Tarot Spreads, Reading for Yourself and Others, Using Tarot for Personal Development… and anything else you want to learn about tarot, that we can fit into the course.

You will need your own tarot deck (Rider Waite or similar) to take the course.

Cost:  from £180 ($299) USD for the day.

(The cost for face-to-face day may be higher to include venue booking)

If you have some tarot experience and feel you do not need a whole day, you may book one of more 2 hour sessions from £55 ($85).

Book: Contact me to discuss availability.