NEW! Autumn Tarot Workbook

The Wheel of the Year is turning again. The days are getting shorter and the air is growing chilly. Mother Nature is drawing in her energy and preparing to rest.

By following Nature’s rhythms and making seasonal adjustments to our lives, we too can achieve greater balance, well-being and peace.

Get your ‘Preparing for Autumn’ Workbook!

This is like an at-home workshop full of inspiration,  journal exercises and tarot spreads to help you reflect and plan for the coming months. 

This 21 page Workbook contains 5 sections, guiding you to:

  • Release the Summer 

  • Meet this transitional time with inner stillness and peace

  • Gather your harvest, prepare the ground and plant your seeds

  • Celebrate inner balance at the Autumn Equinox

  • Connect with your inner wisdom at Samhain.

The Preparing for Autumn Workbook is only £8! Much cheaper than an in-person workshop with me and you can do it from your sofa or bed. 

Click here to BUY NOW. 

Once you purchase, you’ll be immediately redirected to a web-page where you can download your Workbook as a PDF document, print it out and begin.