Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the courses. If your question is not answered here, do contact me.

When is the next tarot course?

See the Courses page for details of forthcoming courses and workshops. As soon as I schedule a new course, I add it to this page.

Are your courses suitable for complete beginners?cropped-tarot-class.jpg

The Tarot-in-a-Day one day workshop and the Tarot for Transformation 6 week course are both suitable for complete beginners. Some students on these courses have a little experience of tarot, but most come with their first, brand new, tarot pack and only take the cellophane off in the class!

Will I be able to do tarot readings after coming on a course?

Yes! In the beginners courses we focus on quickly jumping in and reading for others. This helps you to develop your intuitive reading skills, before your logical mind kicks in. We cover a range of spreads, from 1 card to 10 cards and by the end of a one-day workshop or the 6 week course you will be reading for yourself and others with a degree of confidence. However, being a professional tarot reader takes practice and also involves developing other skills such as listening, counselling, intuition, ethics, running a business. These skills are developed over time.

Which tarot deck should I buy?

My beginners courses are based on the Rider Waite deck (also called Rider Waite Smith deck). So I recommend the Original Rider Waite or any of its variations e.g. Universal Waite, Radiant Rider Waite. However, students have also effectively used other decks that are based on the Rider Waite e.g. Sharman-Caselli tarot, Robin Wood deck, Mythic Tarot, Angel Tarot. The important thing is that all 78 cards should have detailed pictures on them, usually with people in them. In some decks, the minor arcana cards just have symbols of cups, wands, swords or coins, rather than full pictures. This makes it harder for the beginner to read them. Avoid the decks found in bargain bookshops for this reason! A few clients have asked me if they can use the Thoth deck. I say yes, but also bring a Rider Waite deck so that you can compare the two, as many of images are very different. If you’re coming on a course and not sure if your cards are suitable, please contact me.

Where can I buy my tarot cards?

In Brighton & Hove:

Two Feathers, 11 Kensington Gardens

Bell, Book & Candle, 23 Gardner Street

Waterstones, by the Clock Tower, Western Road.

In Worthing:

Cosmic Central, Stanford Square, Worthing (I would recommend a trip here, even in you don’t live in Worthing. The owner, Lyndsay is very knowledgeable about mystical subjects and is a tarot reader himself).




You can also check out different tarot decks before you buy on aeclectic.com

What kinds of people come to your classes?

My tarot courses and workshops attract mainly women, though men and trans* people also come and are welcome. My tarot students are typically women in their 30s-60s who are creative and open-minded, interested in spiritual subjects, and want to develop their skills. Some of them have trained in other holistic reading and healing methods. They value the time and space for themselves to focus on their personal / spiritual development. They also value being in group of like-minded people, learning together. I aim to create a friendly, informal atmosphere on the courses and a real sense of community often develops, especially on the longer courses.

Here are the personal or business websites of some of my students:




I don’t live in Brighton & Hove, can I still come to a tarot course?

Yes, of course. People often travel to attend my courses. I have had students from East and West Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, London and even Birmingham! Brighton is a great place for an overnight stay or a weekend break, while attending a workshop. If would you like some advice on where to stay etc. do get in touch.

Which tarot books do you recommend?

I usually advise that you do not buy any books until after you have completed the class. This is so you can develop your intuitive skills, and your own interpretations of the cards, rather than relying on the books. Books you may find useful after attending a class include:

Tarot Bible – Sarah Bartlett

Tarot Plain and Simple – Anthony Louis

Tarot Talks to the Woman Within – Cassandra Eason

Tarot for Your Self – Mary Greer

The Tarot – Kim Arnold