I’m Maria Antoniou, your tarot & spiritual development teacher. Here’s some info about me:

My background

  • I grew up in East London, in a Greek Cypriot family
  • I had psychic experiences as a child, including visits from my ‘old man’ and ‘young boy’ guides
  • I bought my first tarot deck when I was 14 or 15 years old
  • As a child, I was surrounded by people who were mostly unhappy and angry because they were not ‘living their truth’. As a result, I vowed to always seek authenticity, freedom and purpose

My credentials

  • I am a total book-worm and love learning. By the time I was 30, I had BA and MA degrees, and a PhD
  • I am committed to my own spiritual and personal development. Over the years, I’ve studied psychic development, mediumship, shamanism, yoga, 5 rhythms/sacred dance, goddess spirituality, mindfulness… and tarot; and have read widely in the fields of personal & spiritual growth.
  • I have been attuned to Reiki levels 1 & 2
  • I am a certified Advanced Soul Realignment practitioner (Level 2)
  • I have a BTEC Level 3 Life Coaching diploma, and an Introductory Certificate in Counselling Skills 
  • I’ve worked as a library assistant, academic researcher & lecturer, and charity director amongst other things
  • I’m an experienced teacher and enjoy working with small groups and individuals
  • I am an experienced presenter, do frequent talks, and have spoken at the UK Tarot Conference and the London Tarot Festival
  • My work has been published in Spirit & Destiny magazine and Fate and Fortune 

My passions

  • My favorite ways to relax are taking long walks by the sea, visiting cafes for tea & vegan cake (usually with a notebook & pen for some reflection & planning ), dancing the 5 rhythms, and chatting with friends
  • I am a cat person. I love my partner’s 19 year old cat Boo, and miss my dear departed childhood cat Pip
  • I enjoy knitting, and regularly start new projects – but they always seem to turn into scarves!
  • I enjoy travel, and my favorite place in the whole world is St. Ives in Cornwall
  • I love, love, love tarot of course and  I am also passionate about teaching.

Look forward to meeting you!

(Athena photograph by Carrie Kirkpatrick, taken for the book Goddess Enchantments, Magic & Spells).