Ancestral Healing with Tarot

Enjoyed speaking at the London Tarot Festival yesterday. Kim did a great job organising the festival and there was a lively and excited buzz about the place, despite the lack of air conditioning which made the room extremely hot! I also bought myself a new deck – the Byzantine Tarot – and had a nice chat with Cilla Conway, the deck’s artist.

I was surprised and pleased that one of the attendees recorded my talk on her phone (why didn’t I think of that?!).

Here’s the recording for you to listen to – Contains a short background talk on using tarot for ancestral healing plus a short meditation to connect with your ancestors. There was a lot of background noise, but I hope that won’t spoil your enjoyment.

I’ve also attached the handout of the Ancestral Healing tarot spread and ritual for you to try at home.

Questions and feedback always welcome!