The Fool

The Fool We start with the Fool. She is the beginning. The zero, the emptiness, the void.

She is the circle of infinity, at once everything and nothing.

The Fool stands at the threshold, just before the Big Bang – the point at which the universe is born.The Fool is hanging here in space, waiting for the journey to begin. (But there is no beginning and no end).

The Fool stands in this vast, creative emptiness.This is the empty womb, the frozen earth.

But life rumbles beneath the surface, waiting to burst forth.

The Fool says:

“When I appear, I remind you of your unmanifest potential and of the journeys that you are yet to conceive or begin.It is time for a new start, a new adventure.”

“You can do or be anything. Do not be too quick to judge the direction you should take, to decide what things should look like, how they should be. Enjoy the space, in which anything can happen. Soon, you will hear the call.”

“Then, take the leap. Take the first step and the next will be revealed as you walk along.”