What’s Your Tarot Type?

Whether you’re a beginner at tarot or more experienced, it helps to know ‘your tarot type’. According to Mary Greer’s book Tarot Mirrors, there are 4 ways to read (and to learn) tarot. Which one/s do you resonate with most closely?:

1. Analytic Type – Characterised by the suit of Swords. You enjoy analysing the cards very closely, looking at all the symbols and colours and thinking about what they represent. You are likely to have  memorised the traditional meanings of each card, including the reversals.You enjoy reading books about tarot – including the history of tarot, theories and different interpretations of the cards. You probably also enjoy reading about associated subjects e.g. mythology or numerology. You learn tarot best by reading, studying and talking about tarot.

2. Psychic Type – Characterised by the suit of Cups. You tend to read intuitively, going with the feelings that are triggered by the images on the cards. You can glance at the cards quickly and get an impression of what they mean and the message you want to give to your client. You also pick things up energetically from the clients themselves, and often feel drawn to making predictions. You learn best by developing your intuition, taking time to tune in to your client before you lay out the cards, looking at the cards briefly and then speaking out loud / writing about what they mean.

3. Therapeutic Type  – Characterised by the suit of Wands. Your reading style is similar to that of a counsellor or life coach. You see the cards as a tool for personal growth and enjoy helping your client discover herself, set goals and identify options. You tend to draw your client into the reading, encouraging her to talk about her current situation, look at the cards for herself and come up with her own meanings. You ask a lot of questions, to make sure you have covered all aspects of the situation and all opportunities for growth. You learn best by knowing the client’s question before you begin reading for them, understanding the ‘actions’ associated with each card, and bringing in other therapeutic models and techniques.

4. Magical Type – Characterised by the suit of Pentacles. You believe that tarot has a magical aspect, and you aim to help your client to realise her own magical power to manifest what she wants in her life. You can see the transformative opportunities in each card e.g. you probably love Death and The Tower because they hold the potential for sweeping change and new beginnings. You enjoy coming up with positive affirmations for each card, and using the cards for daily magical practice e.g. placing them on your altar, or using them in spell work. You learn best by creating rituals around your tarot practice e.g. cleansing and blessing your cards, laying out magical spreads and mandalas that represent what you or your client wants to create, and bringing in your esoteric knowledge.

I try and run courses that meet the needs of all 4 types. If there’s something you’d particularly like me to cover, to help you learn and improve, please let me know.