How to be Intuitive

Yin/Yang is a basic concept of Chinese philosophy, and it helyinyangps us to understand how to develop our intuition, and how to make it useful in our lives.

Yin/Yang is a duality; Yin and Yang are opposites, but they cannot exist without each other. Yin is associated with the moon, the shadows, receptivity, looking inwards. Yang is associated with the sun, the light, activity, looking outwards. Yin and Yang have become linked to femininity and masculinity respectively.

Intuition is a ‘Yin’ quality. It’s not something you ‘do’, it’s something you receive. Accessing your intuition means getting quiet and focusing inwards (towards your feelings, your body, your dreams…) rather than outwards towards the world.

Also, intuition comes to you via the right side of your brain. This is the creative, imaginative side that is  associated with images, dreams,  emotions, and the unconscious.

To develop your intuition you have to develop the right side of your HPbrain and learn to bypass the left side – the part associated with logic, rationality, intellect, order, language. Meditation is excellent, as is any creative activity as it gets you into a dreamy, light trance state.

You do not need to strive to be intuitive, you just need to still your mind, settle into yourself and see what comes.

You need to be the High Priestess!

Then, to make intuition useful in your life you need to act on your intuitive magicianguidance. You need to step into Yang energy. You need to turn your focus to the outer world; to set goals, identify steps and take action.

You need to be The Magician!

Remember, one cannot exist without the other.

(Tarot card images from the Robin Wood deck)